For small teams at the start of their User Generated Content journey
£ 350 Monthly
  • Uploads: 5000
  • No Moderation
  • SSO


For media brands that want to get the full benefits of engaging with their community
£ 950 Monthly
  • Uploads: Unlimited
  • Moderation
  • SSO*
  • Team onboarding
#1 Popular


For organisations that want to become a platform for their audience
£ 1200 Monthly
  • Uploads: Unlimited
  • Moderation
  • SSO*
  • VIP onboarding, support and dedicated outcomes manager
  • Multi Site

Frequently asked questions

It’s so easy to get started – we set up your account and you can start asking your readers to get involved straight away. If you need any help, our team will be around to answer any of your questions. You’ll be receiving all that fantastic content in no time. 

You can engage your audience and start to receive and publish photos, stories and videos on your site to really experience the huge potential of UGC engagement. 

Yes – you’ll get an on-boarding session for your team with one of our experienced engagement experts. This session will help you fast-forward your UGC engagement strategy using tried and tested strategies.

No worries – we’re happy to discuss your unique situation in more detail and make sure the option you pick brings the most value and ROI. Just get in touch and we can get you up and running in no time.

Yes – It usually amounts to 1 months cost up front depending on how much personalised integration your brand needs. 

Contribly is fully GDPR compliant! When you use the Contribly widgets you ask up-front for permission to use the content and make clear how you will use  the data. 

The UGC and associated data you collect using Contribly is your data. In the context of GDPR, you are the Data Controller and Contribly is the Data Processor. We never share your data with anyone!

Yes! Paying for a year up-front attracts a 5% discount.

Yes, we offer a 5% discount for charities and non-profit organisations