Use Case The Farmers Weekly Community

FW devices

The story

Farmers Weekly is a publication aimed at farmers all over the UK.

With a large, active community, the community management team found that the tools they were using to engage their audience didn’t allow them to fully grow and engage with their loyal followers.

They also needed to replace their legacy systems without losing the thousands of audience images already received and published.

They chose Contribly for the job.

Using the Contribly API, transferring their content to the Contribly platform was an efficient and seamless process.

The annual ‘Harvest Highlights’ competition was chosen as the first live Contribly assignment.

Using Contribly code snippets, it was a simple cut-and-paste task to publish

the simple online form for users to submit their images, and
the corresponding live gallery of photos

That’s all there was to it!

Farmers Weekly legacy

Photo: Charlie Chambers

The benefits

Engaged audience.

Instant publishing helps farmers view the Farmers Weekly website as a platform for their stories and photos, rather than turning to social media sites

Huge time saving.

No more time-consuming tasks of downloading, saving, and checking files, requesting permissions etc. Rather, instant publishing and live validation using Contribly tools

High quality stories and images.

Publishing images as they are received inspires community members to share their very best pictures and seek out that amazing shot. Have a look at the photo gallery here

Community insight.

Contributor data helps target and grow the audience - building on what gets people talking.

What they said

“Contribly has been ideal for running our photo competitions. We have had more than double the usual number of entries this year, over 7,500. It’s certainly down to the ease of use and the fact that you can upload from mobile devices using Contribly.

For me, it’s much easier to use than the system we had before. Being able to grade submissions, move images between galleries, and so on. I’d call it a success! “

Oli Hill, Community Editor

Oli Hill

November 2018