What does Contribly offer developers?

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A developer friendly API

The Contriby API provides a set of end points for accepting, moderating and publishing user submitted content.

If you are adding User Generated Content functionality to your existing web or mobile applications, the Contribly API can deal with the media processing, moderation and distribution allowing you to concentrate on your user interface.

Contribly end points can be called directly from your websites and apps (using Javascript or native SDKs).

The API has the sensible interfaces you'd expect from a modern Web API (JSON, SSL, HTTP2, CORS, Websockets and Swagger).

Full API documentation is available here

Working examples

API features are backed with working source code examples (see Github).


The system has been designed to cope with the levels of traffic and contributions associated with a large international news organisation.

More information on the architecture behind the Contribly platform can be found here.

Avoid lock in

Contribly provides you with full access to your data in standard formats.
You are free to extract your data at anytime.

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