Create a community

A genuinely engaged community with shared interests can have a hugely positive impact on your business model. Here’s six principles that you need at the heart of your community building strategy.

1. Be a platform for your readers.

Give a voice to people’s life-changing, dramatic and emotional events. People share on social media, but why push them to create content there when being part of your brand is more fun and privileged? Let your audience become part of what you do around topics that you control and develop. Using Contribly, you can quickly invite your audience to share their stories, photos and videos directly with you, enabling you to create engaging and popular content.

2. Make user generated content a core part of what you do.

Everyone likes a routine and Contribly makes it easy to create daily/weekly/monthly call-outs to engage your audience, not just for traditional user generated content topics such as weather, or travel, but also for hot topic news items, sport, health, and many more. Embed ‘Have your say on…’ and ‘Share your experience of…’ call-outs into your content regularly, so your audience becomes familiar with how to take part. Creating stories from their contributions is so much more than ‘comments’.

3. Keep talking.

Make it an ongoing conversation. Because a deeper relationship with your audience helps you get to know them better. Use the Contribly audience engagement data to stay at the heart of the conversation. Engage and re-engage.

4. Understand the stories that really matter to the community you serve.

You’ll know immediately what gets people talking, and the data shows it - which topics really get that content coming in thick and fast. Use the Contribly tools and immediate feedback to publish more engaging and popular content and target the audience members that you know want to be part of it.

5. Show recognition to your readers.

We all like to be appreciated. Never forget - it’s all about communication. If you publish a reader’s story, say ‘thank-you’; share a link. If you love what your audience sends in, tell them. It makes a world of a difference.

6. Make it fun.
Photo competitions never fail to inspire. Especially if there’s a chance to have your photo featured and a great prize too. And publishing users’ images as you go along boosts the quality of the content coming in. Competitions are a great way to generate new revenue as sponsors love to be involved with engaged and active audiences.

Using Contribly, putting these six principles into action is easy. What are you waiting for? Contact us and start using your free test account today.